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Om Centrum för SSKKII

SSKKII is a center for interdisciplinary research in the intersection of the concepts Language, Semantics, Cognition, Communication, Information and Interaction. SSKKII is an acronym for the initial letters of the Swedish terms for these concepts.

SSKKII's aim is to organize both theoretically and practically oriented research projects. SSKKII also provides a link between research projects, industry and trade. For researchers SSKKII offers opportunities to work in an exciting and expansive area with contacts in a variety of disciplines.

The SSKKII center is a department at Göteborgs University.

SSKKII's aim is to do research on an interdisciplinary basis within the area that the concepts which define SSKKII cover. The center will play an important role in developing competence within this area.

Competence development is supported it two ways: by creating opportunities for cooperation between qualified researchers from member faculties and departaments in Göteborg; and by, via SSKKII, providing a network of contacts between the university, industry and trade, and international researches who are actively at work in the area.

SSKKII host projects e.g. on multimodal communication, human-computer interaction, information extraction, translation and cognitive psychology.

In addition to doing research, SSKKII organizes lectures, seminars and symposia as well as courses, both within and outside the university. SSKKII also publishes a serie of research reports and provides supervision for research students.

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